Our Gathering

Sunday Gathering
10:30AM @ Queen Bee's

3925 Ohio Street

We are a casual, welcoming community. You can expect four elements every week that make up our Sunday gathering: Worship, Preaching, Prayer, and Communion.

Children's Ministry & Nursery

Through singing, games, activities, arts, and crafts we hope to cultivate and encourage spiritual growth in your children. All childcare workers have been trained and have undergone background checks to ensure the safety of your child.

Jon Nichols
Teaching Pastor, Elder
Andy Lyde
Alistair King
Damin Sterling
Jeremey Glazier
Children's Director
Ryan English
Worship Curator

Our Community

“God is an invitational God. In the act of creation he invited humanity to share in the overflowing love and joy that exists between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Moreover, one of the dominate and uniting themes of Scripture is that God invites humanity to participate in his mission to make his love, beauty, and justice known to all.

Thus we each come, bringing our unique stories, to journey life together as a community. It is not about uniformity, but unity, so that together we may live for something bigger than ourselves.

Come as you are. Connect to something greater. Live for something greater.”

— From the Staff & Elders

Our Mission

The Commons is a community conspiring to proclaim the cross, working to cultivate disciples, embracing the oppressed, and inviting you to join the movement.

Why "The Commons"?

There is this tradition within the history of the Church for naming something for all people a "common" (e.g. Common Book of Prayer). For something to be "common" was not to be ordinary, but to belong to the people. The church is a commons. The church is the Body of Christ.

Our work is to witness to the cross. Our worship is the work of the people. The church is not a private good to be packaged and sold. The church is not a commodity, or an institution. The church is collective, a band of natural enemies not held together not by common race, education, income, or politics. The church is a band of natural enemies saved by Jesus, owing Jesus a common allegiance. Christ, his broken body and shed blood, is at the center of all we do together.

We gather because we hold a common allegiance to Christ.

We gather for the common work of making Christ, His Cross, and His Kingdom visible to all.

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